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We are proud to offer you state of the art technology to transfer and renew your domain name(s) .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .US which are registered with another registrar, e.g or networksolutions or any other ICANN accredited registrar, reseller or hosting company worldwide online. "THE TRANSFER IS FREE THE DOMAIN WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED FOR ONE YEAR, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A TOTAL OF $15.88 NO HIDDEN FEES" you must have a valid email address with your other registrar, if not please correct that.

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You don't need to wait until your domain is about to expire to transfer the domain to us.  We honor your domain expiration date regardless of where it was registered or when it expires.  You do not lose one day for any domain you transfer to us since we honor the expiration date for your domain name, regardless of when and where it is registered.   (EXAMPLE : If your domain expires in July 2007, it will be extended to July 2008. You do not lose one day.)  It costs $15.88 for a Domain Name Transfer - INCLUDING 1-YEAR renewal. We will add one year to your domain expiration date on top of the time remaining on your existing termYou can manage your domain transfer online.  It is easy, and it saves you money and time.  We never use your domain name for pop-ups or advertisements.

Use the Check Transfer Status tool to manage your domain transfer away from your previous registrar to our system. To do so, access the Domain Manager section through our Domain Manager Login.


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For successful domain transfer, please note the following:

We recommend that you commence your transfer 30-60 days prior to its expiration to avoid any registrar lock.  Many registrars will lock your domain name 30 days prior to the expiration date.  You can check with your registrar for their policy.  For the security of the domain transfer, the rules are to communicate with the admin email address which is maintained in the Whois database.  Make sure that this email is active and if it is not, please update your email at the losing registrar prior to the commencement of the transfer.  The transfer does not cause downtime to your website since the name server will remain the same before during and after the transfer.  Most registrars will not restrict you from transferring your domain name even though you are hosting your domain name with them.  Make sure to answer the email confirming the transfer and also the losing registrar's email to confirm that the transfer is legitimately initiated by you.  The deregulation of domain registration now allows the owner of any domain name the choice of who they select to be their registrar.

We will charge you $15.88 for the first year (transfer and renewal), and you can renew the domain name (up to 10 years), after the completion of the transfer, for $15.88 per year. 

Domain Name Transfer / Renewal Frequently asked questions 

Consolidate all your domain names in one place.

  1. Will the ownership of the domain I am transferring change? 

    Absolutely not.
    The ownership of the domain name will remain the same after the transfer, as it was before the transfer.  You register it, you own it - 100%.

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  2. What is a domain name transfer?
    If you already own a domain name, you probably registered it with another Registrar, such as or Network Solutions, and you probably paid $35 to register it.  Very likely you will be asked to pay the same amount to renew the domain for another year and continue to pay the same amount year after year.  If you transfer your domain you will enjoy an unbelievable savings on your domain name renewal, since it will cost you only $15.88 - not $35 or $70 to renew your domain name. Transferring your domain to us means that your domain will be moved from your existing Registrar to us.

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  3. What does the $15.88 fee include when I transfer my domain from other registrar to
    By transferring the domain name to for $15.88 , you get an automatic 1-year extension to the domain registration expiration date.  This will include all Internic charges for 1 year and includes free parking.  There are no additional charges for this service. 

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  4. Will my domain's whois information and hosting change?
    No, everything on your domain name record will remain the same when you transfer it to, including your current Hosting company, and DNS record information.  The expiration date is the only thing that will change, which will have an automatic extension of one year from the previous registration date with the losing registrar. 
    If you want to change H o s t i n g companies, or update your domain name contact information, you will be able to make changes to your domain name by using our Domain Manager.  You will need your username and password to make any changes. 

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  5. Can you give me step by step description what happens when I apply for domain name transfer?
    1. Step # 1 - Submit domain name to be transferred to
    2. Step # 2 - You will receive 2 emails addressed to the Admin Contact for the domain and sent to the email address of the Admin contact:
      • One Email from us confirming we have processed your domain transfer application.
      • Second email will be directed to the administrator to approve the transfer. 
        The email will contain a link that you must click on or copy and paste into the browser window, and an alphanumeric key that you must cut and paste into the web page. You must hit the Continue button as well as the Submit button in order to properly confirm your intent to transfer. If you have any questions, please let us know.  If you did not receive the admin link and your email address on the Whois record is correct, please contact us immediately.
        You must authorize the transfer in this final step, otherwise your transfer will not be processed. This second email is sent to an administrative contact email on your original domain name record. Be sure to check your domain name record now - click here and enter your domain name - look for ADMINISTRATIVE contact and verify that the email on this contact is valid, current and yours!  If the administrative contact email address is your web H o s t i n g company or someone else, either have it changed by them to your own email or make sure they will cooperate with you in approving this process.
      • Step 3. After you have authenticated per Step # 2, request is sent to a losing registrar.  If it is Network Solutions or Register.Com - expect email from Network Solutions or Register.Com  authenticating you as a domain owner, asking you to take action, otherwise the domain transfer request will be declined by them.
        1. NETWORK SOLUTIONS will send a short email asking you to hit REPLY to their message and copy one line of text into the subject. Requires domain owner to respond within 3 days - otherwise declines the transfer request.
        2. REGISTER.COM will send you a very long confusing email with lots of links - most of those links would be to Renew with Register.Com but the last link in their letter is actually the link to authenticate and approve the domain move away from them. Requires domain owner to respond within 3 days or declines the request.
      • Step 4.  If all goes well, the losing Registrar will release your domain - the time limit is 5 days for releasing your domain. Some Registrars, like Network Solutions, will email you with final confirmation when your domain transfers out of their jurisdiction.
      • Step 5.  Keep checking your domain manager transfer status report.  When you receive an email from us informing you that the transfer has completed successfully, 48 hours later you will be able to access the Domain Manager and make any changes you wish on your Whois information.

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  6. Once the Domain Transfer is finalized by you, your Registrar is responsible for the actual transfer. They may take anywhere from one to several days, depending on their current procedures. If you check on your domain transfer in about 10 days from your transfer application, it should show one additional year added to the original expiration date, which is one way of telling that your transfer is now completed and you may start using your control panel. 

    Some reasons transfer may not be completed are:


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  7. What should I do first before I apply for my domain name transfer?
    Make sure that the email address on your current domain record is correct. One of the most common reasons for domain transfer to fail, is an old or incorrect email address for the administrative contact of your domain name on the Whois record with the current registrar.
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  8. How long does it take to transfer my domain?
    It usually takes 7-8 days to complete the transfer. Keep checking through the Domain Manager on the home page of to see the progress of your domain transfer.  Below are the Domain Manager status terms we use:
        a.  "Awaiting Approval" 
    This means we are still waiting for you to execute the administrative approval link that we sent to the domain administrative contact 24 hours after you submitted your domain name for transfer/renewal to

    The most common reason for this status message is that the administrative contact's email address is outdated or inactive at your prior registrar. Please confirm that your admin contact's email address is current and valid on the Whois Global record. If it is not, you must contact your prior registrar to update the admin contact's email.

    The email sent to the admin contact will contain a link that you must click on or copy and paste into the browser window, and an alphanumeric key that you must cut and paste into the web page. You must hit the Continue button as well as the Submit button in order to properly confirm your intent to transfer. If you have any questions, please let us know.  If you did not receive the admin link and your email address on the whois record is correct, please
    contact us immediately 
         b.   "The admin of this domain has approved the transfer within the last 24 hours"
    The administrative contact for the domain name has responded to the admin approval request from and we have received the go ahead to inform your present registrar of your intent to transfer the domain name to transfer the domain.

        c.  "Losing Registrar has Declined"
    When the administrator executes the transfer link, the existing registrar (i.e., will receive a notification from us informing them of your request to change registrars.  ICANN rules gives every owner of a domain name their right to transfer his domain name from any registrar to another registrar.  However you must expect that they will do everything to make it difficult for you to do so, since they have lost hundreds of thousands of domain names due to the outrageous fees they are charging.  There is no real solution for them since they cannot logically match our prices due to the huge budget they are allocating for salaries, and many layers of advertising considering that Network Solutions pays next to nothing to register a domain name since they own the shop. 
        d.  "Completed"   
    The transfer process for your domain is now complete.  At this point you may renew your domain name for additional years (up to 10) if you like, and make changes to the contact information for your domain.  Please note that according to ICANN policy, you must wait for a period of 60 days if you choose to transfer your domain name to another registrar.

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  9. I have a several hundred domain names and I would like to transfer them to  Will I get a special price and will you help me with the transfer if I need help?  
    We have many clients who have transferred several hundred domain names to  On our web site, we have provided a transfer interface where you can transfer up to 60 domain names at a time.  If you have several hundred domain names to transfer, after you create an account with us, send us an email and include the list of domain names to be transferred, along with your user name and password, and we will specially process all of your domain transfers for you on your behalf. 
  10. How can I manage the transfer of my domain name?
    You can use the Check Transfer Status tool to manage your domain transfer away from your previous registrar to our system.  Click on Domain Manager and access your account with your username and password, and select the Check Transfer Status link. Your domain transfers will appear. Some will require no intervention from you (marked in green). Others (marked in yellow) may require you to resubmit an admin approval email if the domain has not been approved for transfer with us. Or, you may resubmit a domain for transfer to your prior registrar if it has been approved on our end, but your prior registrar denied the transfer.  If a domain appears in red, it's status cannot be determined automatically. Please contact us for help with these domains.  A domain that has successfully completed transfer will appear in blue. Some of the most common reasons for your prior registrar denying the transfer include:

    Not answering their confirmation email in time.
    Not answering their confirmation email in the proper format.
    The domain is expired or otherwise locked due to nonpayment.

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