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Over the last few years the Internet has changed the way we do business, listen to music, communicate together and has practically worked its way into every facet of our lives. With the popularity of the new LCD TVs and other HD television peripherals, there has been a major shift with how people would like to be entertained.
 In case you havenít noticed, the attendance at movie theaters in the past year has slowed down dramatically. People nowadays are watching sporting events, playing online games, chatting, blogging, IPODing, and all other things indicating the shift of consumer interest to the Internet, and those taking advantage of this shift, will be the winners. Yahoo and Google have the plan to provide movies through your computers online. Apple has created a frenzy of people anxious to download the newest music video or television programs to their video IPOD. The new generation is computer savvy. They prefer to watch Star Wars movies online, check their email, and download music all at once, and the only way to do that is through the Internet.
 The future holds that you will be able to use your HD television to watch movies through the Internet rather than your satellite or cable provider. It is on demand, you donít miss a beat, the quality is as great as it gets, and the future will provide more and more uses. Now you can hook up your computer to your TV, using a monitor which is no longer the 17 inch monitor introduced five-ten years ago. Recently Sony has introduced its newer 40 inches and up LCD High Definition television to be connected to a computer.
For a major company to take over this business and become the pioneer provider of movies and television programming on the Internet, they must have the best and the most prestigious domain name, and here you have it. There is no doubt that ustv.com is the killer name when it comes to prestige. It consists of 4 letters. You cannot misspell it.
You cannot forget it and it indicates that the geographic location for the entertainment provider is the United States of America where all of the movies and TVs came from, where Hollywood is, and where the great actors and studios are located. The commercial value of this domain name is tremendous. It is not just a domain name. It is a future trillion dollar business on the Internet. It is a bigger money-generator than poker.
1. Top Level Domain ...

The Top Level Domain (TLD) or domain extension (e.g., .com, .net, .co.uk, etc.), has considerable influence upon the value of a domain name. However, not every TLD suits every term, nor does it suit every market. The domain name ustv.com is comprised of an English term and the all-purpose .com TLD. This tends to positively influence the value of the domain name. The .com TLD has come to be synonymous with business on the Internet. The .com extension carries a higher level of prestige and reduces the risk of traffic diversion to other extensions. For these reasons, most businesses prefer to use a .com domain name for their online presence. In turn, this results in .com domain names having higher values than domains with other TLDs. The .com domain has the advantage that it may not only be used in the English speaking world, but in countries worldwide. This is particularly relevant in countries which have strict guidelines for the allocation of country TLDs like France(.fr) or Norway (.no). The resulting international shortage of quality .com names leads to prices considerably higher than for any of the other TLDs.

 2. Length and Retention ...

The domain name ustv.com is short (4 letters). Our research has shown that shorter domain names (from 2-7 letters) tend to be the most valuable, while domain names over 10 letters long are worth slightly less. the value of a shorter name. At 4 letters, your name is considered to be of an ideal length, and you should see a positive impact in the domain s value due to the length factor. The term is relatively easy to remember. The easiest domain names to remember tend to be those that consist of a single real word or a popularly used expression. Although "ustv" contains meaningful words, it is not a common expression but instead a somewhat arbitrary combination of common words, which could make the domain more difficult to recall.

 3. Linguistic and Phonological Suitability ...

From a linguistic point of view, the domain name ustv.com is considered valuable as it is a meaningful two-word phrase in the English language. Due to a general interest in these names, they tend to be more valuable than domain names in other categories.

 4. Typing Error Sensitivity ...

The domain name ustv.com is resistant to traffic diversion as it is relatively easy to spell and uses the dominant .com extension. This has a positive impact on domain value.
5. Legal Situation ...

Legal requirements and jurisdiction have a deciding influence upon the registration and sale of domain names. The domain name ustv.com can be categorized as a generic or descriptive name. Because trademarks granted on generic terms are less restrictive than those granted on unique terms, generic domain names are generally less susceptible to ownership disputes arising from a trademark conflict than are brand able, non-generic domain names.
 6. International Usage ...
Suitability for international usage is an asset for any domain. This is not a must, but it increases the value of a domain considerably. Both language and TLD influence the suitability for international usage. Due to the .com ending, ustv.com is suitable for international use. .Com domains are used not only in the United States, but also in many countries around the world where usage of the country-TLD is restricted or uncommon. This ending has a positive effect on the value of a domain name. The .com TLD has established itself as a symbol for the Internet and has achieved great recognition around the world.

 7. Search Engine Friendliness ...

The appearance of popular search terms in domain names allows them to achieve higher positioning in search engine results. Search engine algorithms give higher placements to domain names which contain the searched keyword. For example upon entering "ustv" into the search engine, the results will contain many domains which have this term. Search engine "methods" vary from engine to engine. Keyword presence plays an important role in results for engines like Google, but for example is not as important with an engine like AltaVista. In search engines where the domain name has a large influence on the positioning of the results, the web sites ustv.com and ustv.co.uk will tend to be positioned towards the top of results generated for a search of "ustv".
 8. Branding and Advertising Potential ...

Ideally, the domain name is identical to the brand or company name in purely Internet-based businesses. Thus, for an Internet-based business, the domain name is doubly important as it serves both as the company s brand name as well as the means to locate the company online. The use of domain names by conventionally established companies also results in a positive image transfer to the company and its products, as it implies the company is on the leading edge of technology. A strong brand identity (along with other factors, such as quality of the product on the Internet site itself) helps in building a successful web site. This applies to both internet-based businesses and conventionally established companies. Although opinions vary as to what makes a good brand name, many experts suggest considering the memorability of a name, its sound when pronounced, what qualities the name suggests, its uniqueness, and how easy it is to spell. In addition, a brand name in the online world should use a .com extension, should not contain unnecessary words such as "online" or website, and should not be hyphenated. Your domain name has excellent advertising and branding potential for the following reasons: 1) Short and easy to spell; 2) Prestigious .com ending; 3) A descriptive and memorable term that is not entirely generic. For these reasons, it is definitely possible that either an existing company or an Internet-Start-Up would be interested in developing this domain as an online brand.

 9. Commerce Potential ... -

The domain ustv.com possesses great online commerce potential. It is most identifiable with an industry that is well known for its online presence, and can use this awareness to effectively generate revenue. Thus, the value of the name benefits significantly by its compatibility with this sector. As a result, the domain ustv.com would be a valuable asset for any business seeking to break into this field. Another key component to determining the overall commerce potential of a domain name is the industry associated with the terms it contains. Some industries lend themselves easier to the online world than others, and have a reputation for using the Internet to promote their products and services. Thus, any domain name that contains similar or relevant terms known to these industries can benefit significantly from this association. Your domain is most identifiable with the Ecommerce industry. This is clearly an industry that is well known for its online presence, often uses the Internet to maximize revenue, and is constantly evolving in the online world. This domain name has several possible applications with the marketing and presenting a specific product for sale.

 11. Comparable Transactions ...
Here we have domain sales that fall into a similar domain-related category, and which could be placed in a similar price bracket as ustv.com. These domain names were chosen because they share one or more of the following characteristics with ustv.com: 1) Extension; 2) Number of words; 3) Comparable commercial potential.
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