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The domain name is currently being offered for $42,000 was registered 10 years ago in 2001.   The domain has countless uses.  It could be developed as a social network for New Yorkers. 

NewYorkers, as a single word, has over 14,000,000 searches on Google; 1,370,000 searches as a two word combination.

Starting Bid:  This domain name commands a price of $100,000 or more.  At this time we are offering the domain name for $42,000.  If you wish to make an offer on the domain name, please email us at

What to See 

Major Attractions

United Nations

Times Square
Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building

Central Park
Greenwich Village 
Radio City Music Hall
Museum of Natural History
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art

Guggenheim Museum

New York City Links

New York City Link
New York City Cyberguide
New York Today
New York City Insider
Village Voice
Convention & Visitors Bureau


Where to Go/What to Do






Shopping in New York City  New York City Shopping Link
Department Stores

Lord and Taylor
Saks Fifth Avenue
Neiman Marcus
Fao Schwarz
- Toys
Jewelry Stores


Auction Houses



Madison Square Gardens

New York Knicks

New York Rangers
New York City Marathon

Where to Stay/Where to Eat

New York City Hotel Guide

New York City Restaurant Guide

How to Get Around

New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Subway System

Airline Toll Free Phone Numbers
JFK Airport
Laguardia Airport

Luxury and Charter Transportation

Live Views of New York City



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