Starting Bid:  $265,000

  • officially owns the domain name and it is directed to, which is also owned by  The domain name was never offered for sale until now.  It was registered on October 13, 1995. 

  • Domain Market Value:

    • Comparison sales data:




$   500,000

  • Google Searches: as a single word has 1,770,000 se
    arches on Google, 217,000,000 searches as a two word combination.

  • Wikipedia information regarding

    • Life force is a concept of spiritual energy.

    • Life Force (arcade game), an arcade game

    • Lifeforce (film), a science fiction/horror movie released in 1985

    • Life Force (TV series), a British science fiction television series released in 2000

    • Life force, a fictional group of traveling doctors in Africa, in the Hong Kong TV series The Last Breakthrough.

    • A Life Force, the second volume in Will Eisner's A Contract With God trilogy about the New York Jewish community in the 1930's and 1940's

    • Lifeforce Records, a record label

  • Buyer must provide seller with references or documentation to show their ability to make such a purchase. 

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