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Most companies allow for domain name modification by granting access to the domain record by an authentication process through the Domain Manager.  You can change the relevant information for your domain like the contact information and your name servers.  The Domain name management section is accessed by a secure user name and password.  Only you and others that you authorize to help you with your web site should be able to access your domain record.

As we all direct our attention to the security of our Homeland, and more and more businesses rely on the Internet as a major source of business and hallmark of their company’s identity, it is of utmost importance for us all to ensure Homeland Domain Security. 

Security of domain name records


Secure vs Unsecure Pages

Our web site consists of two sections - an unsecured part (web pages that begin with https://) and a secured part where the web pages begin with https://.  Secure web pages for any web site should all begin with https://.   All functions that have to do with registering and maintaining domains are processed within the secure area of our web site.  Information pages do not need to be secure.

Password security guidelines

»   Select a password that is not easy for someone other than you to know or guess.
»   Keep the password in a safe place for yourself. 
»   If you give your password to someone else, make sure to change it after the job is done.
»   Password should be 8 characters long and contain a combination of letters and numbers.

If access to your domain management is secure and you don’t give your user name and password to anyone else, and you change your password on a regular basis, chances are negligible that anyone will be able to change any of the information for your domain or even find a way to highjack it.

Maintain your User Account

One of the most important things for you to do is to have an active and up-to-date email address on file for the administrative contact of your domain names.  This email address is where we will send you renewal notices, transfer status notices, and any other important registrar updates.   We have found this to be the biggest black hole in the Domain Management system.  Take this scenario for example.  You want to transfer several of your domains to from to take advantage of DomainsNext’s low rates and avoid renewing the domains at’s $35 a year registration fee.  If your domains are associated with a out-of-use email address for the admin contact, you will never receive the email we send you to approve your domain transfer and the domains will need to be renewed at your current registrar. 

NEW !! Domain Locking feature – now available for added security

Our new "Registration Lock" is simply a tool you can use to combat and prevent fraud.’s "Registration Lock" provides an extra layer of protection that is unmatched in the industry.  With the lock, the potential for domain hijacking is drastically reduced since no changes can be made to your domains without disabling the lock.  Note:  This extra security is not required - our normal safeguards exceed the standards required by ICANN.  

SECURE WHOIS -  New Service for top level privacy and security added November 19, 2003 

Hide your personal information from public display.  This new service maintains your personal privacy for your online identity.  The cost to use SecureWhois is only $7.95 per domain per year.  Click HERE to log in and set up the SecureWhois service for your domains.  

Renew early

Renew your domain name on time.  You’ve heard horror stories about people losing their domain names because of non-renewal.  One famous example is with Microsoft.  They didn’t renew their domain name on time, and when the central registry dropped the domain name, someone else registered it.  Because they were Microsoft, they got the domain name back.  But regular customers aren’t this lucky, and they will either not be able to get their names back, or they will have to pay a hefty price to buy it back from the new owner.    Many foreign companies are watching and waiting for these domains based on running sophisticated queries for domains by expiration date, for example.  If the domain is tied to a developed web site and/or it has a significant amount of web traffic, it is considered a prime target for these domain name prospectors.  There are even web sites on the Internet that publish lists of domain names that are on hold or unpaid for.  Anybody, cyber squatters and prospectors, you or I can pay a price to reserve these domain names and have the right to register them when they drop. 

Business domain names registration and renewal guidelines

For businesses, we recommend that you maintain a five-year registration period for your domain name.  You should be aware that renewing your domain name early, won’t cause you to lose any of the registration time that you paid for.  The number of renewal years adds on the expiration date.  So there is no reason to wait until the last day for your domain to expire and take a chance of losing your domain.   Also important to know is that you can renew your domain for five years, and later on if you should decide to transfer your domain to another registrar, the paid for registration years are not forfeited, they transfer with the domain. If you have any domain names registered at another registrar that have future registration years already paid for, you can transfer them to now and have the advantage of managing all of your domains in one location.    

The Internet is still young and many people are still very cautious about who they do business with on the Internet.  When someone searches for your domain name on the whois database, and sees that your company has a registration period of 5-10 years for its domain,  they know you are there for the long run rather than wondering if you will be around 3 or four months from now, and they will feel secure doing business with you.

Transferring DNS vs. Transferring a Domain

Many hosting companies confuse their customers on the subjects of transferring DNS and transferring a domain.  We recommend that you choose a hosting company that is separate from your registrar.  Why?  If you decide to change hosting companies, you can do so right away at the registrar.  If the domain name is registered and hosted by the hosting company, you will get the sense that you are under the mercy of the hosting company, and if you try to transfer your domain to another registrar, the hosting company in order to compensate for losing your registration business, may do one of the following - ask you to upgrade your domain name by paying more money for additional services, or they will ask that you pay back a subsidized portion (amount to get out of  the “contract” with them).