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  • The domain name is your online identity.  You want to make sure that you search for the best domain that is memorable, as short as possible, easy to spell and reflecting your business.

    Search Domains to Register for Business.  

    With many thousands of domain names registered every day, it is getting more and more difficult to find a name that you would like to have for your business or personal use.  It is not as bad as it sounds.  There are still many dot com domains available if you have the patience and the know-how to find them.  

    As a rule of thumb, if you are not willing to purchase a domain name that has been already registered and you are not willing to pay big money to buy one from the secondary market, put in mind the following when you are doing your search:

    • The .com .net extensions should be your first target.  We recommend that you buy the other extensions .org .info .biz .us if you want to protect a domain name you own from being used by a third party who may be just trying to take advantage of your name brand which should be protected through trademarks and alternative similarity of the name you have.  For example, it's a good idea if you own to also have iamazon, eamazon, i-amazon, e-amazon and any other similarity that is available to protect your domain name.  A domain name that includes a keyword for your product will always show better on search engines than the one which does not.  So registering a domain name called will be showing more on search engines that show under the keywords domain or domains .  This is not the only consideration but one of those which will improve your standing on the search pages under your brand.

    • Find the shortest domain name that describes the business you are about to identify.  More importantly, the domain name should mean something, even if the name is longer than those which do not mean anything.  This rule does not apply to 2 and 3-letter domains.  The domains that will attract attention are those with the coolest sound and the funkiest tone.

    • Those which begin with i, e, info, next, world, planet, universal, US, net, web, metro, digital, digi, euro, are next.  Names that represent well known landmarks like the Red Sea or Amazon are easy to brand and accept by consumers.  

    • Unknown abbreviations or trademark similarities are discouraged.

    • Our multiple registration search engine has many uses.  You can get text from anywhere and copy and paste the text into the search box.  Add .com to the end of each word or word combination (leave no spaces).  Use the enter button to separate each .com word or phrase in the list.  You can process up to 60 entries this way. 

    Domains to Register for Resale

    After the prices of prime domain names hit an all time high - achieving $7.5 million for, $5 million for, and $3 million for, the prices have recently dropped.  This is what is referred to in real estate as a down cycle.  This down cycle was created primarily as a result of the market saturation with domain names for resale.  Many sellers have preferred to cash in and sell their domain names at the best offered price regardless of the value of the domains.  

    We have seen some very valuable domains go for very low prices on different penny auction web sites.  Adding to this,  many new companies do not mind any longer to have just a name for their business rather than buying an expensive aftermarket domain name that can cost in the six figures range (BIG MISTAKE).   There are many startups with laughable domain names and most likely they will realize this fact after it is too late.  

    The future value for high quality domain names, .com .net .org, remains very promising regardless of the number of name extensions which are being aggressively created.  The major buyers for those names are the dot com companies who try to protect their trademarks by purchasing every relevant domain extension.  This is like going to the horse races and boxing out the favorite in every possible combination, but  does not reflect the real reason for purchasing the new extensions for domain names.  The fact remains that the number of web sites that use those extensions is very small and we do not expect this trend to change in the near future.   We continue to believe that there are many choices available in those categories to last for many, many years to come without the need of creating new extensions.  However, we do believe that some valuable domain names can lie within the local market categories for those extensions.  For example:  .
    US is a great domain name extension to have for your domain if your business is in the USA or you believe that having a distinction as being in a certain geographic area is a plus.  

    Domains to Register for Future Use 

    Until there is a new invention, the Internet will continue to be an important if not the most important part of e-commerce and beyond.  The price today is very very cheap.  Buying a domain name to keep for future use or resale could be similar to buying a beachfront property a century ago and keeping it to sell it in today's market, however we do not expect that you will have to wait that long.  The number of registered domain names is expected to reach threefold what it is today.