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The Red Sea



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Red Sea (′red ′sē)

(geography) A body of water that lies between Arabia and northeastern Africa, about 1200 miles (2000 kilometers) long, 180 miles (300 kilometers) wide, and a maximum depth of about 7600 feet (2300 meters).

  • The Red Sea lies between arid land, desert and semi-desert.

  • The Egyptians were the first to attempt a mission of exploration in the Red Sea.

  • The Red Sea formed by Arabia splitting from Africa due to plate tectonics.

  • The Red Sea is a rich and diverse ecosystem.

  • The Red Sea water is an essential asset. There is extensive demand of desalinated water to meet the requirement of the population and the industries along the Red Sea.

  • The sea is known for its spectacular dive sites.

Visit this Wikipedia page for more information about the Red Sea

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