The price of the H2 Hummer is over $50,000 per car.  Having a website with a domain name as distinctive as H2CARS.com brings you on the top of all other dealers worldwide that sell this model car.  It is becoming more and more popular as a passenger car.  The offer includes the following family of domain names:  H2CARS.net, H2CARS.org, H2CARS .us, and H3CARS.com, H4CARS.com, H5CARS.com and H6CARS.com.


You can build a Hummer internet dealership with this domain property.

To appreciate the value of this domain name, you must have a good knowledge of its dual value.  It represents Hummer 2 cars and also Hydrogen fueled cars.  Both are multi-billion dollar industries, and the domain name perfectly matches its product.  The domain is 6 letters long and can deliver exceptional value to the appropriate entity. 

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